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NY1: LGBTQ Youth Create ‘Big Bang’ with One-Night Only Art Show

April 15, 2017–big-bang–with-one-night-only-art-show.html


NPR: The Nuyorican Poets Café, A Cauldron for Poetry And Politics (by Manuel Betancourt)

April 8, 2017


CBS: NYC’s Best Venues For Poetry Readings And Open Mics

March 21, 2017


New York Times: Hurray for the Riff Raff’s Alynda Segarra Finds Herself in a Concept Album (by Jim Farber)

March 8, 2017


NBC News: Poet Carlos Andrés Gómez Criticizes Trump Administration Through Spoken Word (by Osej Serratos)

March 11, 2017


The Wall Street Journal: New Yorkers Seek Ways to Cope With New World Order (by Anne Kadet)

February 21, 2017


Bedford and Bowery: Before the Puerto Rican Poets, There Was the Polish Violinist (by Rachel Leah)

December 28, 2016


New York Magazine: Reasons to Love New York (#34) (by Richard Morgan)

December 14, 2016


Interview: Daniel Gallant, Executive Director of Nuyorican Poets Cafe

New York Foundation for the Arts

by Priscilla Son

Part 1:

September 30, 2016

Part 2:

October 17, 2016


ESPN: ESPN presents ‘La Gente’

by Danice Frohman


The Wall Street Journal: Nuyorican Poets Cafe to Upgrade Longtime Home (by Jennifer Smith)

August 31, 2016


The New York Times: Bringing Poetry to Rikers Island

December 29, 2015


The New York Times: Why Snapping is the New Clapping

November 21, 2015 Climate Change Theatre Action at Nuyorican Poets Cafe

September 29, 2015


Howlround: Ladies and Gentlemen, Lower Your Prices

October 26, 2015


Clocktower: Interview with Daniel Gallant of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe

January 19, 2015

Nuyorican Poets Cafe to Celebrate 40 Years on Cultural Scene With Party

August 18th, 2014

AMNY: New York Owes a Special Debt to Maya Angelou

May 18, 2014 New Works by John Guare & Neil LaBute Set for Nuyorican Poets Cafe Theater Festival

March 19, 2014


Los Angeles Times: Maggie Estep dies at 50

February 13, 2014–maggie-estep-20140214

Newsday: A renaissance of rhyme: Another golden age for city’s poetry

September 25, 2013

Univision: Nuyorican Cafe: Leading Art

September 25, 2013


Nuyorican Poets Cafe Celebrates Anniversary, But Still Works To Recover From Sandy

September 21, 2013–nuyorican-poets-cafe-celebrates-anniversary–but-still-works-to-recover-from-sandy-NYC_189186.old.html

NY1 (video): Cafe Director Talks Sandy Damage, Fundraising Event

December 18, 2012

By Elizabeth Kaledin–fundraising-event-NYC_174230.old.html

Crain’s New York: Nuyorican Cafe Exhibits Growth

September 6, 2009

by Miriam Souccar