NY Flow: Paint & Poetry Show

NY Flow: Paint & Poetry Show

Sat. December 22, 2018

7:00 pm (event ends at 9:00 pm)


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NY Flow: Paint & Poetry Show
NY Flow: Paint & Poetry Show
Creatives Networking Event & Forum
No Cover. Limited Capacity. Please RSVP.

“Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.”

Featured Poet: Caridad De La Luz
Featured Artist: Topiltzin

Open call to all poets and artists in Gotham to join the Paint & Poetry Show. No Entry Cover. No Registration Fee. Please RSVP @ Eventbrite

NOTE: Visual Artists please bring drop cloth, own supplies and materials.

Proud to announce the start of a creative tour beginning with "NY FLOW: Paint & Poetry Show", featuring the original artwork, poetry and a live art demonstration painted by La Cosecha Galeria resident artist Topiltzin. The vibe to flow with is brought to us by the spellbinding poetry of the multifaceted, multi-talented Caridad de la Luz.

In positive psychology, flow, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting loss in one's sense of space and time.

There has been a movement to base much of the local economic development upon the arts and artists. Most of us appreciate the intrinsic benefits of the arts—their beauty and vision; how they inspire, soothe, provoke, and connect us. When it comes time to make tough funding choices, however, elected officials and business leaders need to have strong and credible data that demonstrate the economic benefits of a vibrant arts and culture industry.

Whether serving the local community or out-of-town visitors, a vibrant arts and culture industry helps local businesses thrive. Right now, cities around the world are competing to attract new businesses as well as our brightest young professionals. International studies show that the winners will be communities that offer an abundance of arts and culture opportunities. As the arts flourish, so will creativity and innovation—the fuel that drives our global economy. This is inspiring news for those whose daily task is to strengthen the economy and enrich quality of life. No longer do business and elected leaders need to choose between arts and economic prosperity. Nationally, as well as locally, the arts mean business.

So please join us at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe as we celebrate art, poetry, music and our diverse creative experience. Connect with other entrepreneurs, contractors, artists, and creatives in an affirming space of mutual support for small business owners.

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Venue Information:
Nuyorican Poets Cafe
236 E. 3rd Street
New York, NY, 10009